Friday, October 26, 2012

My Grad Day!

Whatsup?Yeee.Look up!Grad day?IM GRADUATED!We dont have Prom.Awww.Syoknyee kalau ada.Put on a lovely dress.Match it up with your partner.Naaa.Im not gonna talk about Prom.Yess of course im gonna talk about my Graduation Day.
How fast time flies.We'll be leaving the school in just a month!SPM is just around the corner.This 5th November.Afraid?SUDAH TENTU.But,I'll do my best.Pray for me :)


Behind,From Left : Afrina Aysira,Fatin Aqilah,Siti Bazilah,Fazira Hazali
Sitting,From Left : Alia Wanda (uuu.thats me!),Fadzilah Rashid

What's inside?Sijil la darlaa :)

Bring the boys out! 5SC3/12

Bring the girls out! 5SC3/12 (Hottest girls alive.haha.tetibe -__-)
 Formal!We look so so so so IDK what to write!

Informal.You rock guys!!!

We gonna leave the school.Meeting,making new friends.But trust me,this is the "coolest" class ever.Every moment we had shared,every success we had achieved,I'll never ever forget you.ALL OF YOU.

P/S:Apa hadiah graduasi saya?weeehhuuu.I got vintage Prada dinner bag.Thanks to my grandmother,Puan Hajah Norsimah Shahbuddin :)

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