Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Well Hello There!

Well Hello There!I think I'm gonna reblogging.it"s been quite a long time i havent post any entry.yaa.school matters.but somehow I miss to write again.I may write nonsense.boo yeah!who cares?Lol.okay.Lets get back to our story.The first entry of my "reblogging" ceremony!JOM BACA.


Im celebrating my 'raya' at Raub,Pahang or popularly known as The Gold Town(gold mining).noo.im not gonna write bout Raub.But,I guess,one day I will :) Yaww.Here are some pictures!check it out!

* heyy.thats my Ibu and Joe Adam(baby brother) not a baby anymore.but,he's the youngest.The Most Gedik baby in the world.hihi.he'll scream if i touch him.aaahh

*err.I look fatter kan?woah.im not that fat!ahaha.*Papa,smile laa.snapping family pictures without 2 brothers,Joe Fellani and Joe Danial.Joe Adam : "Lemme punch yaaa!"

* with my dearest aunt!Ummi Umairah(makteh).god,I love my Ring!ahaha.

*with my dear darling aunt!Diana Harris(maklong) this picture (and above) were taken during the 'Raya  open house'

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